Unique Music - "Yacht Rock" Reinvented

What is "Yacht Rock" exactly?  It's a style of soft rock music that became popular from the late 1970's to the early 1980's.  It was also known as the "West Coast Sound", because of the association with the relaxed Southern California lifestyle that included yachting. The term "yacht rock" itself came from a 2005 online video show by the same name. You might recognize some of the most popular bands in this format: Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates, and Steely Dan. "Yacht rock" music was characterized by its smooth, melodic, relaxed style. This makes it an excellent foundation for any elegant yacht gathering where a warm, energetic environment is desired.

By combining choice selections from the original "yacht rock" artists, familiar jazz standards, and other popular adult contemporary repertoire, Nikki creates something special for her audiences. Electric violin instrumentals provide a fresh sound to the ear that is used to the sounds of the conventional cocktail/dinner music jazz trio; smooth easy listening vocals help to support an environment where guests can both enjoy the music and still hold conversations with each other.

Nikki calls her updated take on the genre "Yacht Rock Reinvented".

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